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F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Gnomigos are the world’s first culturally-specific garden gnomes, or what we like to call ‘Gnomes in Culture.’

After eating out at a Mexican restaurant with his wife one night, one of our founders, Aram Chavez pondered why there were only one variety of gnomes that people could buy. After working with his brother-in-law, they came up with the world’s first Mexican garden gnome, the Gnombre. After that, they realized there were hundreds of cultures that were missing a dedicated gnome, and so came the Shalom Gnome, the Gninja Gnome, the Gnomeheart, the Gnome Ranger, and many more to come.

Come on. You know you want one. They look awesome, and your neighbors will most certainly be jealous.

You can find a complete list of the Gnomigos we have available here, and we’re always working on new designs, so keep checking back with us for new releases!

We like to think they’re crafted by elves in a magical wonderland.